August 2016

One is the loneliest number. (pdf)

Essay for the exhibition Quiet Please: The Mental Game of Art and Tennis at the Berkeley Art Center, with work by Libby Black, George Pfau, Jennie Ottinger, and Andrew Witrak. July 30 – August 28, 2016

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August 2016

Subversive Novelist Seeks Her Muse in Pictures

Review of photo exhibition curated by Hanya Yanagihara at Fraenkel Gallery,

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June 2016

Todd Haynes SAFE Spaces: To Be Young and in the Dark and Falling in Love
An appreciation of the filmmaker published on Keyframe / Fandor


May 2016

An essay on Winter (Ann Rule), 2011, a sculpture by Josh Faught published by Lisa Cooley Gallery.

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May 2016

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 360: Views on the Collection

On Bill Owens' "We're really happy. Our kids are healthy, we eat good food and we have a really nice home." 1971 (pdf)

On Matthew Barney's CREMASTER 2: The Drone's Exposition1999 (pdf)


May 2016

Signs of the Times, 2016
Catalog essay for Mills College MFA exhibition.

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April 2016

At San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, a New Frontier for Photography
Interview with curator Sandra Phillips, Aperture

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March 2016

Congratulations Pine Tree 80— Clearing the Mind (with Glen Helfand)
Audio podcast interview with Kate Rhoades and Maysoun Wazwaz

February 2016

Behind the Scenes with Gregory Crewdson
On the documentary "Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters." Published on Fandor.

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January 2016

Paul Graham takes over Pier 24 with his American Trilogy
Interview with photographer Paul Graham in British Journal of Photography


December 2015

Gods and Monsters: Murakami Goes to the Movies, 2015
Criterion Collection DVD liner notes on Takashi Murakami's Jellyfish Eyes, 2013

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 J-Pop Sucker Punch (pdf)
Review of © Murakami at Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, published in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, September 1, 2008

November 2015

Miranda July: 'I'm always disappointing my dad politically'
Interview with the artist focusing on her performance New Society. Published in The Guardian. 

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Miranda July's quietly amazing show breaks the fourth wall of the web
Review of "New Society" as part of SF International Film Festival. Published in the Guardian.

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October 2015

Art AIDS SF: Tales of the City, 2015 (pdf)
Essay in exhibition catalog, Art AIDS America, Tacoma Art Museum, traveling exhibition

October 2015

In Flames, Then and Now: I AM CUBA
An appreciation of Mikhail Kalatozov's classic propaganda film. Published on Fandor.

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September 2015

The Broad review – first exhibitions have plenty of big hitters but miss the mark
Review of opening of Broad Museum, DTLA, in The Guardian.

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September 2015

Candy flake on the bottom of the pool, and other California dreams (pdf)
On Tamra Seal, published in ProArts 2x2 Solos 2015

July 2015

With Mooney’s sculpture, 1st step is not stepping on art
Review of K.r.m. Mooney's Wattis Institute exhibition in San Francisco Chronicle

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January 2010

Neighborhood Watch: A Microhistory of the Mission School, 2009 (pdf)
Essay in SFMOMA 75th Anniversary publication

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The Mission School (text only pdf)
Text of the article that named the San Francisco strain of artwork, published in the San Francisco Bay Guardian